Chiffon draped saree with embroidered blouse and belt

Rs. 50,400.00 Rs. 56,000.00
SKU: MW-IF24-DS-02

A masterpiece of artistry, the blouse is a canvas of intricate embroidery, each thread woven with precision and passion. It is a symphony of fully embroidered cutwork, a delicate tapestry of patterns that come together like a work of magic. This opulent creation is cinched together by a single slender embroidered strip, a thread of elegance that ties it all in perfect harmony. The chiffon saree, a vision of grace, complements this exquisite blouse seamlessly. Its gossamer-light fabric drapes with an ethereal quality, while a wired palla adds structure and drama, allowing you to shape it as you desire. Together, this ensemble is a visual poem, a dance of textures and colors that beckons the eyes and captures the imagination.

3 Components that includes saree, blouse and belt


net, chiffon, crepe